The dream recording technology demonstrated by this video was the inspiration for my story “Dogs In the Snow,” which is featured on this week’s episode of To the Best of Our Knowledge. More info here.

When Your Childhood Home Becomes the Set of a Horror Film

Grandmother’s knickknacks vanish, and other things take roost.


Paint is stripped from the walls to reveal the wallpaper and cracked plaster beneath.


The familiar things seem spectral.


And the unfamiliar things look more at home than you do.


The movie, in this case, is called Child Eater, and it’s being filmed this month in and around Greene County, New York. More about it at Fangoria, Collider, and io9.

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"The Evolution of Flight," Mira Bartók

After the third [beer], I am likely to announce that all writing is fantasy anyway: that to set any event down in print is immediately to begin to lie about it, thank goodness; and that it’s no less absurd and presumptuous to try on the skin of a bank teller than that of a bigfoot or a dragon.

Peter S. Beagle, in the introduction to The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle (via greenseer)

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