For those of us whose vision is ineluctably drawn toward the mystery dimensions, life requires not explanation, but attention.

Stephen Larsen



"I seek the crocodile"  Peter Pan (1924)

The crocodile looks like it’s laughing so hard 

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Reimagined cover for Calvino’s The Castle / Tavern of Crossed Destinies. Source: thomas’s graphic laboratory.

It is growing colder. Scarcely a leaf left on the trees and the birds come to him in even greater numbers because, in this hard weather, it is lean pickings. The blackbirds and thrushes must hunt the snails from hedge bottoms and crack the shells on stones. But the Erl-King gives them corn and when he whistles to them, a moment later you cannot see him for the birds that have covered him like a soft fall of feathered snow. He spreads out a goblin feast of fruit for me, such appalling succulence; I lie above him and see the light from the fire sucked into the black vortex of his eye, the omission of light at the centre, there, that exerts on me such a tremendous pressure, it draws me inwards.

Angela Carter, from The Erl-King.

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Good reminder to schedule a checkup for the turtle.

Good reminder to schedule a checkup for the turtle.

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One may enter the literary parlor via just about any door, be it the prison door, the madhouse door, or the brothel door. There is but one door one may not enter it through, which is the nursery door. The critics will never forgive you such. The great Rudyard Kipling is one to have suffered this. I keep wondering to myself what this peculiar contempt towards anything related to childhood is all about.

Michael Ende